PS3 3.56 Update Firmware

PS3 3.56 Update Firmware

Sony released a firmware update 3.56 for PlayStaion 3 yesterday for patching the jailbreak exploits and within 24hours hacker KaKaRoToKS has successfully jailbroken it. The hacker is not GeoHot because, Sony and GeoHot are going under a legal fight these days.

KaKaRoToKS has made the root keys public for everyone to install HomeBrew applications.
Sony's 3.56 update for the PS3 has already been jailbroken on a basic level. In an update, Youness Alaoui said he had successfully unpacked the new firmware, making it possible to modify the code and get at its signing keys. Sony attempted to take down a public posting of the code with a DMCA request but has since been thwarted with a follow-up posting; the company is unlikely to fully stop access.

An actual jailbreak update isn't expected soon. Unlike 3.55 and earlier, where the main key was static and largely unprotected, the new key has been given random number encryption that prevents a predictable hack. It's unclear if this will genuinely stop hacks since teams like fail0verflow developed what they claimed were an unstoppable crack that would let hobbyists deconstruct any firmware within hours or days.

Sony has been trying to use legal pressure to silence the hacks, including a DMCA lawsuit and restraining order, but the gestures haven't prevented the techniques from spreading. The company has further faced an official response as it might be violating marketing laws. Its decision to remove alternate OS support while claiming an upgrade has been attacked by Norway's government for being dishonest.

Just yesterday Sony released a firmware update for their PS3 console which was reported to have banned Call of Duty: Black Ops hackers from the Playstation Network. Today, the encryption has been broken and signing keys have been published by one hacker after noticing the update was available.

Console hacker Yourness Alaoui, more commonly known to the hacking scene as KaKaRoToKs, posted to his Twitter that he decrypted Sony's most recent update. Publishing 3.56's signing keys on github opens the door for new custom firmware to be developed which will mimic the update and allow all of those with hacked PS3s back on the Playstation Network.

The firmware was released with the message "adds a security patch," but really was an effort to rid hackers from online services. KaKaRoToKS was one of the first behind 3.55 custom firmwares, and now probably is working on new versions for 3.56.

Sony tried to eradicate hackers from their console earlier this month by suing hacker GeoHot and coder’s part of the team "fail0verflow" by successfully getting a temporary restraining order against them. KaKaRoToKs and others are picking up where the previous left off, and at a fast rate showing Sony that no matter who they ban, there will always be one more out there to continue the work.

Sony's lawsuit only seems to have inspired a new generation of hackers instead of putting the matter to rest, and with firmware 3.56 being hacked so quickly, perhaps should also look into improving their own safety measures.

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