QuuSoft AntiSpyware v2010.1.2

QuuSoft AntiSpyware v2010.1.2
 QuuSoft AntiSpyware v2010.1.2 | 33.89 MB
With QuuSoft AntiSpyware, any annoying pop-ups, slow PC performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other questionable software can be easily detected and removed from your machine. QuuSoft AntiSpyware is the outstanding Windows antispyware program that can be used to effectively protect your computer system against various threat attacks, including Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Trojans, Worms, Hijackers, Rootkits, Password Stealers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Antispyware and other Malware attacks!

Get Automatic & Comprehensive Protection for Your PC. Real-time monitor your computer system for malicious activities. Thoroughly search, detect, and remove malicious threats from your computer. Identify and rate the severity of malicious programs on your computer. Regularly updated definitions safeguard your cor..

QuuSoft AntiSpyware features

Thoroughly Scan Your PC for Spyware Threats and Effectively Clean up Them with Ease
Help you take full control of your computer and protect your privacy

QuuSoft AntiSpyware will scan your computer for threats and report the detection, if found, in a manner that is easy to read for any computer user. Every detected item is marked with specific security level and classification, which make it easy to decide whether the item should be removed or not.

Easily to remove: Once the scan is finished, click the Remove button and follow the step-by-step wizards to finish your removal completely. QuuSoft AntiSpyware removes the detected spyware and other threats with only few simple clicks.

QuuSoft AntiSpyware will detect & terminate threats, including but not limited to: Adware, Annoyance, Browser Helper Object, Cracking, Tool, Dialer, Downloader, Encryption Tool, Exploit, Rogue Security Software, FTP Server, Hijacker, Hostile ActiveX, and Key Logger.

100% Real-Time Block Unknown Windows Registry Modifications
Complete, always-on, automated protection while making minimal interruption

QuuSoft AntiSpyware features real-time protection and keeps it working in the background, preventing spyware intrusions before they can do any harm to your system. QuuSoft AntiSpyware offers the dedicated safeguard to block all the malicious or unknown registry modifications that spyware can infiltrate your computer.

QuuSoft AntiSpyware will inform you whenever any program attempts to modify the Windows registry. To temporarily stop the modification attempts, please select the Block button; to permanently terminate the modification attempts, please also select Always Apply to list this program within the Blacklist. To temporarily allow the modification, please select the Allow button; to permanently approve the modification, please also select Always Apply to list this program within the Whitelist.

Deeply Scan and Diagnose all Components of Your System
Find out all suspected programs hidden on your machine

Utilize the analysis function to deep scan and diagnose: the key settings and components of your whole system. Save the generated analysis text and then forward it to the QuuSoft AntiSpyware support team. You will immediately receive the solution for your specific spyware problem once the team works out the solution.

Custom Fix to solve your specific problem with ease: with the script file that has been created for your specific problem, you can simply solve your problem in one click!

Vulnerability Scanner and Patch: QuuSoft AntiSpyware offers a set of solutions to determine the configuration of every system service, and then compares the data found to thousands of vulnerabilities in the exiting database. If any potential vulnerability is identified, QuuSoft AntiSpyware will repair it with the latest patch.

Choose which applications should be launched when you start the computer: with this utility, you can easily enable, disable or remove your startup list.

Restore Registry and Files to any Previous State
Restore Registry and files to any previous state

Registry Backup and Restore: You can alternatively make a complete backup for the Windows registry; usually a full backup will be created on your first-time cleaning. If you inadvertently remove the registry files that you actually need, it is easy to get them back with the registry restore function.

Homepage - http://www.quusoft.com


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