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 QuuSoft Registry Cleaner 2010.1.2.0 | 3.48 Mb
The Windows registry is the nerve center which is used to store options and settings for software configuration, system hardware, system and network settings, user preferences and more. When you install an application, the associated new registry entries will be created. These entries should automatically be deleted when you uninstall the application.
Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Sometimes, you will find that some applications fail to remove their own registry entries. These entries then become obsolete. Over time, the Windows registry begins to accumulate data that are invalid and obsolete. The invalid data eventually piles up within the registry, slowing Windows down, compromising computer performance and causing other computer problems. To keep your computer at top performance, it is recommended that you periodically clean the Windows registry and fix any registry entries if necessary.

Why choose QuuSoft Registry Cleaner?
An advanced and reliable registry cleaner enables you to perform a number of activities that help you to keep your registry and system in their best working condition. QuuSoft Registry Cleaner is committed to providing its customers with a perfect-quality and high-tech system optimization solution that has been thoroughly tested for performance safety and security. With QuuSoft Registry Cleaner, you can enjoy an amazing journey of cleaning, repairing and optimizing your computers' operating system. QuuSoft Registry Cleaner will safely scan and repair the incorrect or obsolete entries in the Windows registry to let your computer perform at its optimal speed. It can also help you always stay away from unknown error messages, system's memory strike, annoying pop-up ads, frustrating application failure caused by ActiveX or similar 'Unable to load' .dll errors and the blue screen, system crashing or freezing. By fixing and cleaning the invalid entries in Windows registry, your system will run in peak performance. QuuSoft Registry Cleaner serves you a full backup of all crucial information related to system settings, user profiles, and software and hardware configurations before it repairs the Windows registry.

What QuuSoft Registry Cleaner can do for you?
* Serves you a high-performance detection algorithm to quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry and help you clean out all of the unwanted files in you damaged Windows registry to keep your computer running like brand new with just one click.
* Block the pop-up mysterious error messages from your computer to arrange you a wonderful journey of surfing on the internet.
* Keep your PC memory in track all the time.
* Block the pop-up ads from your computer when you are surfing the Internet.
* Thoroughly fix the ActiveX or similar 'Unable to load' .dll errors.
* Help your computer to be out of the troubles of the blue screen, system crashing or freezing and keep your PC running stable all the time


Remove Empty Registry Keys: useless and obsolete registry entries are the main causes to slow down your system speed and lead to sluggish performance. QuuSoft Registry Cleaner will help you clean them out safely and efficiently from your computer to improve the overall performance and stability of your system.

Removes Invalid DLL Entries: QuuSoft Registry Cleaner restores and repairs the registry and keeps you stay away from DLL disaster to help your computer running more efficiently.

Invalid Class Keys and Shell Extensions: invalid class keys and shell extensions can lead to frustrating system crash and seriously slow down your PC. QuuSoft Registry Cleaner can help you fix these prolems and let your PC run like brand new!

Incorrect Program Shortcuts: are you annoyed by incorrect program shortcuts when you are going to launch certain applications? QuuSoft Registry Cleaner can find, fix the incorrect shortcuts and clean out the remnants to save up disk space and speed up your computer performance.

System Settings - unlock the full potential of your Windows PC by quickly customizing the obscure Windows settings with ease. With over 50 tweaks in the 'System Optimizer' area alone, you can optimize Windows behavior in a more powerful and intuitive way than ever before.

System Information - Detailed and easily accessible 'dashboard' summary on all the hardware and software installed on your computer. Fast access to such details can be invaluable when you are considering hardware upgrades, and the ability of your computer to run certain software can also assist you when judging whether to alter certain important system settings.

Startup Manager - fingertip control over exactly which programs and services start when Windows starts; it helps improve Windows bootup time, stop unwanted programs from hogging system resources and boost the overall system performance and stability.

System Defragmentation - QuuSoft Registry Cleaner includes a registry defragmentation and compacting feature which analyzes, rebuilds and compacts the Window registry to remove free space and corrupt keys.

QuuSoft Registry Cleaner introduces powerful registry backup and recovery management utilities, including repair backup and full backup, backup restoring capability, restoring or deleting your backups, favorite backups and the new feature Restore Point, which will give you more leverage on ensuring the safety of your system during registry repairing. To further protect your data, when you run QuuSoft Registry Cleaner at the first time, it is required to have a full backup on your registry files before any registry problems will be fixed, which you can always use to recover the registry to a previous state

Homepage - http://www.quusoft.com


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