Apple Macbook Pro Latest News

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Apple Macbook Pro Latest News
Having vanquished its Dell Adamo competitor, Apple’s MacBook Air ultraportable laptop will get a performance boost in June, according to CNET site.

After using Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors since its launch, the svelte notebook will be updated to the latest Sandy Bridge CPUs, which should allow the MacBook Air to run faster and eek out even more battery life. This update should follow the long-awaited upgrade to the MacBook Pros with beefier Sandy Bridge processors, supposedly due next month.

While the MacBook Pro refresh could be delayed as part of the fallout from the flaw found in the chipset used with Sandy Bridge CPUs, the June timeline for the MacBook Air update shouldn’t be affected.

The deal: MacBook Pro 13in - $50 off RRP on Apple allrounder notebook - $1,399.00

For $1,399 at Diamonds the Apple MacBook Pro 13in is a great ultraportable notebook that has the functionality of a heavier allrounder notebook. While there is a premium to pay for the unique thinness, low weight and physical design, rest assured that under the sleek exterior there’s a powerful interior.

The first major part of that interior is an Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz), one of the better notebook Intel Core 2 Duos that has no trouble with just about any productivity application except for the most hardcore ones. An nVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card is a bit on the low-end, but it still provides enough graphics rendering to ensure versatile functionality. The 4GB of RAM is also helpful, as it makes it easier to multi-task with several programs at once.

A 250GB hard drive is very small, so some hard choices will have to be made about which movies, songs and photos will be stored on the MacBook Pro 13in’s hard drive. Still, at 2.04kg with a thickness of 24.1mm it’s clear why the storage size is small; fitting in anything larger would have been very difficult without using more expensive solid state drives. The 13.3in (1,280x800 resolution) screen is definitely enough for productivity applications, gaming or watching movies.

The MacBook Pro 13in is a tough little thin-and-light with great battery life and strong graphics capability.

Selling for $1,399 at Diamonds, the Apple MacBook Pro 13in is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz), one of the faster Intel Core 2 Duos. Don't be put off by the fact that in the Windows world, the Core 2 Duo is considered yesterday's technology, replaced by Intel's Core line (which is actually used in the 15in and 17in MacBook Pros). When Apple refreshed the MacBook line this year, it decided to stick with Core 2 Duo for the 13in MacBooks because it could keep the relatively powerful NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card in the smaller machines. Steve Jobs himself explained that if Apple had included a Core i3 or Core i5 CPU in the 13in MacBooks, it would have had to jettison the card and use Intel's onboard graphics. Jobs said Apple felt a Core 2 Duo with the graphics card provided the balance that Apple wanted in the 13in MacBooks.

The MacBook Pro 13in also comes with 4GB of RAM which makes for a good well-rounded spec. The hard drive is a miserly 250GB, but it's all part of getting this allrounder notebook so light and thin.  The 13.3in (1,280x800 resolution) screen is stunning, even if not full HD. The MacBook Pro 13in weighs a mere 2.04kg, and is just 24.1mm thick, 227mm deep, and 325mm wide. 

A unique feature of the MacBook Pro 13in - which helps give it such a desirable appearance and extra toughness compared to most other notebooks - is its machined aluminium case, which starts off as a solid block of aluminium and eventually carved out so the machines innards can be fitted. By contrast, the standard MacBook 13in doesn't have the aluminium case.

The Apple MacBook Pro 13in is a great thin and light notebook and, as an Apple product, you pay only a small premium. You’ll want to use it in a store first to see if the user experience is for you, but if it appeals to you than $1,399 is a reasonable price to pay.

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