Anthology: Star Wars Battlefront (2in1/2005/ENG/RePack)

Anthology: Star Wars Battlefront (2in1/2005/ENG/RePack) | RapidShare | 2 Gb

Genres: Action / Shooter / 3D / 1st Person
Interface Language: English
Year: 2004-2005
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Publisher: LucasArts
Publication Type: RePack
Tablet: Not required
File Format: iso
Platform: PC

Description: Star Wars Battlefront - a fantastic shooter, will give you the opportunity to participate in the events of the famous series Star Wars. But such spectacular battles, as in the Battlefront was not yet. You can serve in combat for any of the 4 fractions. You will have about 20 different types of soldiers, with their characteristics and abilities, more than 30 weapons and 25 units of various air and ground equipment. There is a choice of 3 game modes: Instant battle, Galactic Conquest and Historical Company. In the companies you will visit almost all the planets of 1.4 episodes. There is an opportunity to play from the 1 and 3rd person. High-quality graphics and rich multiplayer will please all fans of Star Wars.

Game features:
• In battles you can perform for any of the 4 fractions. At your disposal will be about 20 different types of soldiers with unique characteristics and abilities, more than 30 weapons and 25 units of various air and ground equipment.
• The plot includes events of all six parts of the movie. Added 12 new locations, mostly from Episode III, including volcanic Mustafar and the star battle near Kuruskanta. You will visit the Death Star, and his eyes will see the assault ship Princess Leia from Episode IV.
• High-quality graphics and rich game world events will please all fans of Star Wars. In addition, fans of the first part of the series will appreciate the storyline of a single pass. As usual, your actions affect the entire history of the Galaxy!

Description Star Wars Battlefront 2: The second part blestyashego shooter with Advertisement price battles in the world of Star Wars. Network breathtaking fights (up to 64 people at a time) and exciting new single-player campaign. 12 planets, including Utapau, place of residence is evil General Grievous and the volcanic planet of Mustafar, which took place on the final battle between Obi-Wan and Annie Skywalker, each of which, you'll go through their mission. Improved artificial intelligence opponents, a lot of new models of soldiers, infantry, scouts, pilots, a multi-air and ground armored vehicles, a new, more colorful weapons. Bright graphics and a unique audio series take you straight to the battlefield.

Game features:
• History of Star Wars in one game. Single campaign Star Wars: Battlefront 2 contains the job and the planet from all six episodes of "Star Wars". You will visit the cruiser Princess Leia from the fourth part of the film, gets inside the Death Star, will take part in the Battle of Coruscant, and many other iconic Star Wars universe for the events.
• Yes to arrive with you strength. Among the many playable characters there are the Jedi Knights. In their arsenal - constant lightsabers and a variety of psychic abilities.
• Serve in any army. The game is available four factions, six classes (one of them - the prize) and a few heroes. You may swear allegiance to the rebels, empire, or droid army of clones.
• Starship - not a luxury but a means of transportation! At your service for more than thirty ground and aerial combat vehicles, appearing in various episodes of the epic film.
• Now, and one in the field - a warrior. Single player consists of three modes: Instant Action, Galactic Conquest and the story campaign. Well, in a collective game up to twenty-four people converge on the fields of space battles. The developers have improved the quality of online play and added her voice to communicate. You can also play together on one console on split screen.

System requirements:

System: Windows ® XP
Processor: Intel P3 1.4GHz or AMD AthlonXP 1000 +
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Video card: 64MB 3D Graphics card (T & L Capability)
Sound card: Audio device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
HDD: 5 Gb

Features of RePack:

• Carefully, on your choice of language for the installation will depend on the language installed games (Rus / Eng)!
• Nothing is carved
• Nothing recoded
• Tested on XP
Star Wars Battlefront - ver.1.2
Star Wars Battlefront 2 - ver.1.0

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